Sunday, July 17, 2011

On my husband's dashboard --UPDATED with related link

This is from God's mouth to my ears, if you ask me. We are looking at a very challenging upcoming school year, as budget cuts and other changes will change the way we do our jobs.

I am not in control of any thing but my attitude. I will require God's help *daily*, as I navigate the changes, live in the tension and strive to serve the children well.

Prayers appreciated. XO

UPDATED: PS here is a blog I love, with similar concerns, only she had the energy to think the problem through and do the math related to the changes in her job description. Please know that, although she and I are both school-based speech/language pathologists, we do not know one another and do not work in the same state. These problems are severe and widespread. I am sure most parents do not know what is about to hit them (metaphorically speaking) regarding their child's school-based speech services. God help us.

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