Sunday, July 3, 2011

Exciting Times to be an Iowan

I was able to attend the recent, hometown announcement of Michelle Bachmann's Presidential candidacy.

Yes, I really was *that* close. She is a tiny (but mighty) little thing.

Some of Michelle's family members: daughters, son, mom, etc.

It is too soon for me to know who I will support in the upcoming primary and nomination. But Michelle Bachmann is the real deal: she is a true conservative, patriot, mom, Christian, etc. I feel she is a strong contender. I had a great time at her rally, getting to know her better.

And yes, that is little ole me, shaking Michelle's hand (captured by our local paper, The Waterloo Courier).

1 comment:

Dolores said...

Just think, someday you might look at this photo, and think ....our new President.....anythings possible.
So far..... I'm impressed with her.