Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Naughty Doggie

So, our doggie is old. Since we adopted her from the Humane Society, we don't know HOW old, but based on her health and behavior, let's just say our Scout it likely in her 'happy, golden years'. haha

Only she's not so happy. She's a bit cranky. And snappish. Unless you are leaving her alone or giving her a treat of boiled chicken breast. She especially hates to be 'messed with', which translates to holding, petting, and most of all *grooming*. She HATES that ... even bathing. Poor thing.

So, she is the naughty dog at the doggie spa. The one that requires her dog mother to be called and to come and pick her up from the groomer, half-shaved. haha Please refer to photo #1 in the sequence. Doesn't she look like a lioness? ::snort::

The groomer was mortified to send her home like that, but we had told her to please call us, if Scout was grumpy. We knew we needed to make a Plan B. So, we did. It included the doggie equivalent of valium. heh Please refer to photo #2 to see how our doggie spent her next 16 hours ... She was a MESS. Unable to walk, *wanting* to be held and near us--totally not herself.

Lastly, we told the groomer to essentially shave her. No more "Best in Show" hairstyles for Scoutie. No sir. Since she hates all things dog spa, we wanted to have her as easy care and sanitary as possible (that means her flow-y tail is shaved like a rat--haha).

She looks quite a bit different (see photo #3), but we think she will be happier. And that's what matters to us. :)


Dolores said...

Oh my goodness, bless her little heart......

Our Casey was groomed today, and she was so anxious to get inside to see her groomer.... that she almost made me fall down.

Dogs are just like people.... each one so very different. I think you made a wise decision to have her shaved.

Victoria Harris said...

I have a shih tzu too and his name is Jasper. He just gets grumpy at noises ie the post man's letter going through the letterbox in the door. or the noise of the rubbish bins being moved on rubbish day.
Jasper came with me from New Zealand to live in the UK. He lost two teeth trying to get out of the cage while on the plane Unfortunately but I've never seen a little dog so happy to see me when he pulled up in the van outside our house. He makes my day worth while as I am quite ill so we are great company for each other. Glad you got your dog from a rehoming place.