Monday, June 6, 2011

Our Annual Celebrations Get Away

We ate here on Sunday afternoon on the way home. It was fabulous. It is a sister restaurant to the original Vinny Vanucci's in Galena. Same menu. Same atmosphere. But, I tried a new dish and LOVED it! Sometimes, change is good.

We ate here on Saturday evening. This was the 3rd time we had been there. It is in Moline, IL., right on the Mighty Mississippi. Catfish for me and blue crab cakes for the hubs. Everybody was happy.

Friday afternoon, we stopped in this tiny little town (Wilton) for a light lunch and ice cream. The Wilton Candy Kitchen has been in the same family since 1909. The Napolous family actually waited on us--George and Thelma. They must be in their 80's. So sweet. I had a chocolate malt and the hubs went all wild and tried something called a 'Hadocal'. We also bought a homemade chocolate turtle candy to share. Yumm.

Love me some retro neon.

Yipppe!! Saturday (my birthday), I slept till ::gasp:: 10 AM and the hubs surprised me with his gifts for me while I was still in bed. Then, we got ready and headed off to the tiny town of Le Calire, IA ... home of the History Channel's 'American Pickers'.

They happened to be having their second annual American Picker's City-wide Festival. Oh. Em. Gee. The CROWDS, people. The CROWDS. lol

Only two of the three TV show stars were in town (Danielle and Mike), but the line to see them was L O N G and it was so. stinkin. HOT, we decided it wasn't worth it to get a photo with them. Maybe another day. LOL

So, we spent the weekend celebrating 11 YEARS of marriage and celebrated our 49th and 59 years of life, respectively. It was great to play and nap and eat and drive around and look at cool things with my best friend. I love that man fiercely and would marry him again. Oh, yes I would. <3

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Dolores said...

Oh my goodness.... this sweet post about your love/life with your sweet best friend..... makes me smile.

Yummmy.... I love seafood.... and the food you ordered at this restaurant sounds so delicious....

A be-lated HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU my sweet friend...