Saturday, May 21, 2011

They STILL make me laugh ...

Grown and gone (mostly), but they still crack me up.

Here are two recent examples, one from CollegeBoy and one from CollegeGirl.

This is the enclosure card from my Mother's Day roses (clicking on it will make it larger). This child has called me "My Good Laiden", since he was about 9 or 10. I have no idea *why* he calls me that or where it came from. It is just a family joke at this point. He told me the "Le Tummie'" part was French. ::chuckles::

This is the text I received from CollegeGirl (clicking on the photo will make it larger). Please note that the text was received at the unholy hour of !!4:26 AM!!. I read the text, chuckled (note the theme?) and invited her over. She came.

I will post those photos another time. haha


romance-of-roses said...

Hello, I am your latest follower. You have such a darling blog, their is nothing like a loving family.

Dolores said...

Your college kiddos are so cute and sweet..... I love family nick-names, jokes etc.... so very special!
The relationship you have with your children is wonderful!!