Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

CollegeBoy (who graduates in 3 weeks) showing off his plate that says, "I heart u" in fruit. Still my little boy.

Mark baked all morning in preparation of our brunch.

My children STILL fight over this Pokemon card and until our brunch doubted its existence (in my protective custody).

My and my blessings.

My two (mis)behaving with each other on the couch.

Mark and his Mama, Virginia.

CollegeBoy and CollegeGirl making Grandma laugh.

I am too lazy to fix the sideways-ness of this photo, but this is the cover of my Mother's Day card from Mark. HAHA

Roses from CollegeBoy and artfully arranged by CollegeGirl. Lovely!!

Mark bought me a peony bush!! I have wanted one for YEARS (since I moved from the house that had such lovely ones). I hope I don't KILL it. ::snort::

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Dolores said...

Your mothers day looks outstanding. Your son and daughter are so good looking.....beautiful gifts for a sweet and beautiful lady !