Sunday, May 15, 2011


Coach Suiter's first year coaching high school boy's tennis (he has been a life-long player) and he and his team are district CHAMPS!! We are wonderfully proud of and happy for him.

Little Miss Ayla is celebrating her 1st Birthday Monday. We celebrated Saturday. She stayed pretty close to mom.

Opening her gift from us. Love her little scrunchy face.

Like most babies, Ayla loved playing with the wrapping paper. Tearing things is fun. :)

Ooooh! A pastel shape sorter. Wow!!

It was Daddy Brian's (Mark's oldest child) 33rd Birthday, too. Mark wrapped up an old trophy of his and made a label to go over the engraving, in honor of Brian's winning season.

Grandma (Mark's mom) made both cakes. They were yummy.

Ayla is feeling a bit suspicious of all this.

This was Ayla's first taste of sugar. She was not too sure...

It's fun to play with, but doesn't seem to be her favorite.

Here, Daddy. You have some.

I think I'm all done now ...

Happy Birthday, Brian and Ayla!! We pray for many happy returns of the day!

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Dolores said...

Adorable pictures of Ayla...I love the scrunchy face too!
Brian sure looks like Mark.....
Happy birthday Ayla and Brian!