Saturday, April 30, 2011


I am certianly *quite* behind in my 2nd round of Project 365 (or whatever it is called). Therefore, I believe I will throw in the towel for this year.

I haven't been "feeling" the blog as much lately, thus the abhorrent lack of posting a photo/entry per day. I do not know what is up that, I only know I am not interested now.

So, I have some photos I will share. And some thoughts. But the 'pressure' of the 365 thingie was just not working for me anymore.

So, I look forward to a more leisurely pace, without the guilt of missing a day (or two--or 12!--haha). Fair enough? Good.

Thanks to anyone who continues to pop over here to check the site (that means you, Sweet Delores). :)


eureka1951 said...

Good for you T! Gotta figure out our priorities and what's really important to us! I'm seriously trying to spend less time on Facebook. WHY do I need facebook? LOL!!

Dolores said...

Yes.... blogging or Face Book should be fun and not a pressure. Some days or weeks I find it hard to think of anything....