Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#89/365 Museum Quality Hoarding

I have gone to the same accountant in the same small town for 20 years. He is a big farmer-type, who collects all things farm-related. And when I say 'collect', I mean on a L A R G E scale.

He currently has his office in the small town's former library/fire station. Yes, in small towns people tend to multi-task their buildings. :) And the building is FULL to the rafters of collectibles. Not junk. Really cool things, related to the history of agriculture.

Until our most recent trip the the accountant (yay, taxes!--- bah), I had never seen the garage (former fire truck garage bays) full of machines and antique creamery memorabilia and butter and milk packages/bottles, magazines, calendars, signs, farm toys, etc., etc., etc. Such cool stuff.

Of course, we asked him if he watches the History channel's show "American Picker$". And of course, he does. Would he part with any of his treasures? Nope, he says. He is happy to keep collecting.

And doing our taxes. :)

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Dolores said...

That's an interesting combination of hobby and occupation..... everyone to their own....
I betcha your glad to have the income tax finished..... I know I sure was with ours.