Sunday, March 27, 2011

#86/365 Serendipity

We went to the local fish market (which we have not visited for ... not even kidding ... probably 15 years), because I have had a craving for fresh fish, since our recent vacation. The market is in the shadow of the vacant and decaying part of town, which used to house the enormous packing plant owned by Rath. Not much traffic through this dead and dying part of town.

Not at all central to this post, but interesting nonetheless, is the fact that we were witnesses to a high speed, 6 car police chase right past us. Seriously, the speech limit is likely 20 mph in this area and the police cars --- and vehicle being chased, were likely going 65 mph---YIKES.

The policemen apprehended the young ummm ... person at the end of the street, after he crashed his getaway car into a car parked in a driveway. ::blinkblink:: BIG EYES

The next stop (after the fresh catfish) was to purchase a new lab coat for the hubs. He is a PT and wears one to work each day. As we entered the strip mall parking lot, we saw this sight... ^^^ And it made us laugh and immediately think of this SNL skit.

It has only been open a few months and it looked a little sketchy. But, we decided to give the Honey Garden a try. We each had a gyro. They were EXCELLENT.

Man, that whole Spicy Lovers section on the menu makes me giggle. We are not lovers of spicy food, so we didn't go there, so to speak. Bwahahahaha!!

But, we will be back to the Honey Garden and will try other greek dishes. Yummmm. :D

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