Sunday, March 27, 2011

#85/365 Sicker than a ... Dog

It took awhile to realize that our little Doggie-Daughter was sick, not herself. Really sick, it turned out. She was NOT eating at all.

The results of her overnight stay at the vet indicated (through X-rays and blood draws) that Scout has an enlarged heart and liver, elevated liver enzymes, dehydration, tonsillitis, dirty teeth (::ahem::) and a herniated/bad disc in her back. Poor doggie.

The prescribed course of treatment included: IV fluids, a course of antibiotics and after she recovers from the tonsillitis, we will make a plan that may include heart medication and watching the liver situation.

It has been several days, since she began the antibiotic and we can certainly see the improvement. We will see what comes next, but the vet seems to think we can probably plan on several more good years with our aging dogdog. :)

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Dolores said...

Oh goodness, so sorry to hear about Scout, sure sounds like she is sicker than a dog.

Our sweet pets are such a gift from God, and become such an intricate part of our family.

Glad he's improving a bit, but it sounds like he has a lot to recover from.....bless his heart!