Friday, March 25, 2011

#83/365 Funny, but True

Don'tcha just love Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works? I do. So many fragrances. Such fun.

But, the last TWO Wallflowers I have had, did not work. No matter what I did (changing outlets, making sure the fragrance globe was fastened tightly, etc.) nothing seemed to work. No fragrance could be detected. NONE.

And after trying to talk to employees on two occasions (and getting nowhere), I had an epiphany one day, as I walked past the blasted, non-working Wallflower. For the first time, I had purchased a Wallflower with a *colored* globe. ::coughcough::

The thing had been EMPTY for at least 2 months, with me, (duh!) thinking that the color indicated it was FULL of fragrance goo.


1 comment:

Dolores said...

HILARIOUS.....sounds like something I'd do...