Sunday, March 20, 2011

#76/365 My People

Lovely lillies of the valley.

The road leading to Cold Water Church Cemetery.


Sad, broken stone. So ornate.

This is my great-grandmother. We called her "Mama".

This is my Uncle Frank. WW I veteran. Likely gas victim. He had severe tremors.

This is my Aunt Ted. Her real name is Eddy Lea. She was dynamic and a big HOARDER.

All my relatives, on both sides, were confederate soldiers.

The stone marking the family plot.

When I first saw the plot, my heart sank. It looked like vandals had been there.

But, after inspection, we decided that the plot is part of a sink hole. So sad. I hope to find the church/county that is in charge. The Cold Water Church (Was there one? I assume so) is long gone. It was an RLDS church, I think. No evidence remains.

It would just be nice to have things put back together.

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