Sunday, March 20, 2011

#69/365 The DIVE

Would YOU cook your morning eggs in this?

Sweet dishes, huh?

NASTY mess in every drawer.

See this long, depressing hallway? This is the hall from the entrance to the living room. Freaky.

This dirty tub that would not drain was the final straw. We had even purchased cleaner and a new shower head to TRY to 'get along'. When the tub (with the bug carcass) wouldn't drain, we were OUTTA THERE. Never mind that it was after 10 PM. ugh

This little gem ^^^^ is where we were to stay, after our usual condo complex found itself without electricity, which was not projected to be powered up again until the day AFTER we returned home. It was MORE expensive than our usual place and we had been told repeatedly how fortunate we were to be placed here.

Ummmyeahno. We packed up, after dinking around with the rental company for FIVE hours. We drove 30 minutes to a trusty Country Inn and Suites and stayed the night, preparing to do battle (and find a place to stay for the week) in the morning.

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