Saturday, March 5, 2011

#61/365 Gun Show (Thursday)

Nothing says, "Gun Show" like a hot pink hand stamp of fuzzy dice?

A gentleman who had a booth at the show had this rat prominently displayed. I asked him if there was a story that went with it. It was an "R" rated, politically-based, comedic diatribe that we actually enjoyed. PS The rat is making a naughty hand gesture.

This is the self-defense kit I bought for CollegeGirl. Alarm key chain, pepper spray, stun gun, date-rape tester card and a cute kangaroo kit to throw in her purse.

Her response? "That's creepy". haha And then, she left it here at the house, as she went out, unprotected, into CollegeWorld.

Oh well. The hubs loves to play with the stun gun. LOL

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