Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#89/365 Museum Quality Hoarding

I have gone to the same accountant in the same small town for 20 years. He is a big farmer-type, who collects all things farm-related. And when I say 'collect', I mean on a L A R G E scale.

He currently has his office in the small town's former library/fire station. Yes, in small towns people tend to multi-task their buildings. :) And the building is FULL to the rafters of collectibles. Not junk. Really cool things, related to the history of agriculture.

Until our most recent trip the the accountant (yay, taxes!--- bah), I had never seen the garage (former fire truck garage bays) full of machines and antique creamery memorabilia and butter and milk packages/bottles, magazines, calendars, signs, farm toys, etc., etc., etc. Such cool stuff.

Of course, we asked him if he watches the History channel's show "American Picker$". And of course, he does. Would he part with any of his treasures? Nope, he says. He is happy to keep collecting.

And doing our taxes. :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#88/365 Planes

Another CollegeGirl Project for her Design Class. The assignment is called, "Planes" and was to be a 3-D representation of a photo, displayed in a shadow box. CollegeGirl chose a photo from her trip to Cambodia and Thailand last Christmas.

It is really hard to see in the photo, but each of the figures is cut out, mounted on foam board and stacked, to give the 3-D effect.

It looked really sweet, when she was finished. I hope she will display it in her new place ... or I hope she'll give it me. tee hee

#87/365 Timing

This came in the mail while we were on vacation.

I imagine this will be a hard post to fill now. Makes me sad. :(

My sis-in-law lived and taught in Japan for years and loved it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chance to Win a DSLR Camera and Help a Cutie Pie Come Home

This is Max. Is he not the cutest thing ever??

He is waiting, in China, for his Mama to come and get him and take him home to where he will always belong.

Here is a blog of a family I know through the land of international adoption.

They are a niftykeen family, blended in many special ways: bio kids, step kids (though they do NOT use that term), internationally adopted kids, domestically adopted child, special needs kids, Jewish husband, Christian wife, who makes a MEAN matzo ball soup. I told you. Niftykeen, right?

Check out their blog ... and then, for chances to win, you may donate to PayPal, link to your blog or your FB page, for additional chances to win a DSLR camera. Help them help Max to come HOME. :)

#86/365 Serendipity

We went to the local fish market (which we have not visited for ... not even kidding ... probably 15 years), because I have had a craving for fresh fish, since our recent vacation. The market is in the shadow of the vacant and decaying part of town, which used to house the enormous packing plant owned by Rath. Not much traffic through this dead and dying part of town.

Not at all central to this post, but interesting nonetheless, is the fact that we were witnesses to a high speed, 6 car police chase right past us. Seriously, the speech limit is likely 20 mph in this area and the police cars --- and vehicle being chased, were likely going 65 mph---YIKES.

The policemen apprehended the young ummm ... person at the end of the street, after he crashed his getaway car into a car parked in a driveway. ::blinkblink:: BIG EYES

The next stop (after the fresh catfish) was to purchase a new lab coat for the hubs. He is a PT and wears one to work each day. As we entered the strip mall parking lot, we saw this sight... ^^^ And it made us laugh and immediately think of this SNL skit.

It has only been open a few months and it looked a little sketchy. But, we decided to give the Honey Garden a try. We each had a gyro. They were EXCELLENT.

Man, that whole Spicy Lovers section on the menu makes me giggle. We are not lovers of spicy food, so we didn't go there, so to speak. Bwahahahaha!!

But, we will be back to the Honey Garden and will try other greek dishes. Yummmm. :D

#85/365 Sicker than a ... Dog

It took awhile to realize that our little Doggie-Daughter was sick, not herself. Really sick, it turned out. She was NOT eating at all.

The results of her overnight stay at the vet indicated (through X-rays and blood draws) that Scout has an enlarged heart and liver, elevated liver enzymes, dehydration, tonsillitis, dirty teeth (::ahem::) and a herniated/bad disc in her back. Poor doggie.

The prescribed course of treatment included: IV fluids, a course of antibiotics and after she recovers from the tonsillitis, we will make a plan that may include heart medication and watching the liver situation.

It has been several days, since she began the antibiotic and we can certainly see the improvement. We will see what comes next, but the vet seems to think we can probably plan on several more good years with our aging dogdog. :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

#84/365 CAUGHT UP (again!)

#83/365 Funny, but True

Don'tcha just love Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works? I do. So many fragrances. Such fun.

But, the last TWO Wallflowers I have had, did not work. No matter what I did (changing outlets, making sure the fragrance globe was fastened tightly, etc.) nothing seemed to work. No fragrance could be detected. NONE.

And after trying to talk to employees on two occasions (and getting nowhere), I had an epiphany one day, as I walked past the blasted, non-working Wallflower. For the first time, I had purchased a Wallflower with a *colored* globe. ::coughcough::

The thing had been EMPTY for at least 2 months, with me, (duh!) thinking that the color indicated it was FULL of fragrance goo.


#82/365 Project

CollegeGirl has been coming over to work on school projects. I think she likes our printer and large work surface. I hope she likes our company, too.

The projects are for one of her classes, called Design Interiors (or something like that). She is so creative. And she is soooo much more conscientious than I was for any of my college classes. haha I believe she said she got an 'A' on this one. Yay for CollegeGirl!!

#81/365 Airport Shopping

Not a big believer in voodoo (obviously) but this little Harry Potter-type wizard (also not a fan) was perfect for CollegeGirl, who loves Harry Potter and *needs* help with her studies. I thought he would look cute clipped to her backpack. :D

These are sheer genius as far as I am concerned. Here is the Amazon website to check them out. Also, purchased for CollegeGirl. :)

#80/365 Making Memories of Us

We hit the beach, on our last night in Navarre, about an hour before sunset. It's become a tradition. Here we are, getting things set up. See the remote?

Cheesin' it up for the camera on the tripod.

Wow. That is one white woman and one bright sun.

Getting the sea gulls bathing in the background.

He had just pushed me over. HAHA

The sun is getting lower.

Snuggle up.

Meet me back here next year?

Celebrating another awesome vacation and the super moon in the background. :D

#79/365 One Week Ago ...

Walking on the beach, before supper, enjoying the sunset and the moonrise.

#78/365 Creatures Unseen

I love the beach. So many cool little creatures, burrowing, digging and building. Never did see any of them, only the evidence of their homes.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

#77/365 Endangered Kitsch

The Crystal Ice Company. The top photo shows the various hand signal customers chose, when requesting ice from the drine-in attendant. The internet lists this site as the last of the roadside kitsch left in Pensacola.

#76/365 My People

Lovely lillies of the valley.

The road leading to Cold Water Church Cemetery.


Sad, broken stone. So ornate.

This is my great-grandmother. We called her "Mama".

This is my Uncle Frank. WW I veteran. Likely gas victim. He had severe tremors.

This is my Aunt Ted. Her real name is Eddy Lea. She was dynamic and a big HOARDER.

All my relatives, on both sides, were confederate soldiers.

The stone marking the family plot.

When I first saw the plot, my heart sank. It looked like vandals had been there.

But, after inspection, we decided that the plot is part of a sink hole. So sad. I hope to find the church/county that is in charge. The Cold Water Church (Was there one? I assume so) is long gone. It was an RLDS church, I think. No evidence remains.

It would just be nice to have things put back together.