Monday, February 28, 2011

#57/365 Rediscovering Treasures

Recently, a friend asked to borrow a book. No problem, I said. I love to loan books to others.

Exceptttt, I couldn't find the book I was looking for. That should not be surprising, as I have a TON of books. I have a difficult time parting with them, in some ways they are like friends.

So, while I looked and looked, I found several books that have now made their way from the basement (overflow) to the main floor (the big time). This book was one of them.

Have any of you ever read this? It is the sweetest book, written by a mom, about the life of her family and their second child, Karen, who was born with CP. It was very inspirational reading for a tween (me) who knew she wanted to work with special needs children someday.

If you ever see a copy at Goodwill or the church rummage sale, etc., I can highly recommend this book as worth the .25 you are likely to spend.

PS Or I can loan you my copy, since I re-read it. :D

PPS I never DID find the book I was looking for. (chuckles)


Coley said...

I love finding old books!! I have so many wonderful memories from the books I owned in my childhood.

Dolores said...

I'd forgotten about this wonderful book...about Karen (and I have a daughter named Karen)..... this was such a sweet book.... thanks for the memory!