Sunday, February 20, 2011

#50/365 Welcome, "Toby"

Look at what my sweet, talented, kind-hearted CollegeGirl has made for her friend, Haley, who is welcoming a little boy soon.

This beautiful quilt has many colors and textures and cute, whimsical buttons (glued and sewn on tightly). She had such a joyful time choosing fabrics for her friend's baby boy. She put such time and love into piecing this all together.

We pray health and happiness for Haley and her baby (who is not really named Toby, by the way). His name is not yet known. That is just how Haley and her friends have nicknamed him, until they meet one another. :D


Dolores said...

She did an amazing job.... it looks wonderful..... a happy quilt.

Kathy said...

It is beautiful! And it's making me think of her 'composition' from second grade where she wrote about what it means to be a Christian. Almost every other child said it meant you go to church on Sunday but CollegeGirl had a beautiful listing of a dozen or more specific ways you could bless another person in Jesus' name. Hope you still have that.