Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#45/365 Valentine's Dinner (Monday)

For Valentine's Day this year, we decided to forgo the gifts and cards, flowers and candy and just go out to a special dinner. But where? Hmmm ... I was up for something new. Remember this post? Well ...

I saw this advertisement for a local establishment on a FB page and was intrigued. I read the description to the hubs and he was intrigued, also. I told him I would call and get more details.

When I heard the price per person, I nearly laughed out loud. For a couple of cheapsters, I was pretty sure that this would not fly with the hubs. Surprisingly, he pointed out that we were not exchanging gifts, cards, flowers, candy, etc., so he saw no problem with the price. I was actually impressed with his logic and quickly made reservations. :)

Here is what we had, in many, many courses over 2.5 hours : 1). a single scallop--YUM 2). a hearts of romaine salad, with bacon, 3). lobster bisque 4). lime sorbet 5). entree--I had walleye and he had beef short ribs 6). cheese plate and 7). chocolates. We also had champagne and moscato!

The cheese plate. I am aware that the thing in the upper right quadrant of the plate appears to be a squid, but it was some sort of deliciously soaked-in-something pear. Delightful.

I *assumed* that we would share this, since there were two of each confection. Ooooh noooo. We each had a dessert plate of our own. I am pretty sure I ate an entire DAY'S worth of calories at dinner last night. But it was sooooo good and we were both so glad we went.

I love my husband. He is truly one of the good guys. Smart, handsome, funny, generous, handy, loving ... my cup runneth over, Lord. Thank you for the blessing of his life to share.

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Dolores said...

Oh my, this sounds like a wonderful evening of love.
The meal sounds delicious, except for the yucky looking squid....can't believe you ate some of it....eeeks.

God is good.... so happy for you!!!