Wednesday, February 2, 2011

#33/365 Wine Whine

So, since the kids all left the home, I have had some fun trying to develop a taste for wine. I have been all over the map, trying wine that looks pretty in a bottle or that friends recommend. I began to wonder if the empty calories were leading to a slow (but definitely unwanted) weight gain. I wondered that because I came to the conclusion that I really, really liked SWEET white wines. And they were high calorie. Moscato. Chocolate wine. Heavenly.

I began to try to find a red wine I could enjoy; less calories and more health benefits. It has been long and slow and a forced sort of thing all in all. Someone did mention investing in a wine 'breather' and I still may do that (apparently, this aerates the wine and releases more of the flavor, making the wine less vinegary, er ... ummm ... I mean, strong/dry). We shall see. Back to the wine whine ...

So, last night, I was enjoying a glass of merlot. I had just taken my seat in my beloved chair, the hubs next to me, TV on the agenda. Niiiice. And then, I reached for my glass of merlot. To my horror, I glanced it with the back of my hand and knew what was coming. In slow motion, I watched as the glass went end over end and land with a SLPAT, or multiple SLPATS. On our white carpet. Naughty words may (or may not) have escaped my lips.

We tried club soda (made to order by my MacGuyver, with his Soda Stream Christmas gift). We tried OxyClean. We used a wet vac and a fan to dry the carpet. And here .... is what we are left with.


::slaps own forehead:: What a ninny.


Anonymous said...

Keep the red wine, try a sippy cup or a tupperware cup with the no spill straw lid. that might work? :) *wink*

Dolores said...

Oh no, I feel for I know why I drink Chardonnay. Actually, red wines give me a stopped up nose and headache. I'd REALLY have a headache with pink carpet. Sorry!