Monday, February 28, 2011

#58/365 ::closes eyes, inhales deeply::

Smells like the BEACH to me!!!

#57/365 Rediscovering Treasures

Recently, a friend asked to borrow a book. No problem, I said. I love to loan books to others.

Exceptttt, I couldn't find the book I was looking for. That should not be surprising, as I have a TON of books. I have a difficult time parting with them, in some ways they are like friends.

So, while I looked and looked, I found several books that have now made their way from the basement (overflow) to the main floor (the big time). This book was one of them.

Have any of you ever read this? It is the sweetest book, written by a mom, about the life of her family and their second child, Karen, who was born with CP. It was very inspirational reading for a tween (me) who knew she wanted to work with special needs children someday.

If you ever see a copy at Goodwill or the church rummage sale, etc., I can highly recommend this book as worth the .25 you are likely to spend.

PS Or I can loan you my copy, since I re-read it. :D

PPS I never DID find the book I was looking for. (chuckles)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

#56/365 SPRINGing for Spring Clothes

Wow. Ya think someone is ready for spring?? lol

I found all these wonderful florals, pastels and white sandals at my recent trip to Goodwill. Love.

PS Why, yes that is a portable grill and BBQ brush, peeking out from under the chiffarobe. Doesn't everyone store their kitchen overflow in the bedroom?? Bwhahaha!!!

#55/365 Attitude of Gratitude

This Mary Engelbrecht print is something that I have had and moved from house to house for about 15+ years. I love it. And its sunny yellow frame. It resides on my kitchen counter, where I see it frequently.

I remember the first time I saw it, I felt it perfectly conveyed how I feel when I worship (which, frankly, is not confined to church).

Makes me happy to just look at it now. :D

Thursday, February 24, 2011

#54/365 She Tried to Tell Us ...

CollegeGirl tried to tell us that we would not like this movie, but we didn't listen. We thought, "What's not to like? Psycho-thriller, dance movie? We'll love it".

Ummmm ... yeahno.

Shoulda listened to the youngster.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Petition for Prayers

Here is my friend, Beth's blog post about her son, Manny's need for prayer. Manny is currently hospitalized and is listed as 'critically ill'.

Would you please read the post, then be sure and comment on her blog to let her know you are praying? It is such a comfort to know that people care and pray, especially when your loved one is ill.

Thanks so much ...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#53/365 (un)Paid Product Endorsements

Best harispray evah! Saw it on another blog and wowza, it's great. Inexpensive and hold well, without making my hair look like a helmet. lol Not the best scent, but nothing like the aqua net of my youth. LOL

I did a loooong stint with the mineral makeups and felt that maybe for winter in Iowa, a cream make up routine might be better. I love the blush for sure!! Better, deeper color than powder and more youthful (maybe?).

The foundation is kinda cool, too. It has a sponge applicator tip under the cap that you use to apply the liquid makeup. Genius. Not need for makeup sponges.

Monday, February 21, 2011

#52/365 It was a REALLY good sale

(too bad I cannot learn to focus a point and shoot camera, huh?)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

#51/365 Dream Man

One week after Valentine's Day, look what my wonderful husband made for me. Dark chocolate covered strawberries, displayed on a cake stand.

Grow old along with me!

The best is yet to be,

The last of life, for which the first was made:

~Robert Barrett Browning~

#50/365 Welcome, "Toby"

Look at what my sweet, talented, kind-hearted CollegeGirl has made for her friend, Haley, who is welcoming a little boy soon.

This beautiful quilt has many colors and textures and cute, whimsical buttons (glued and sewn on tightly). She had such a joyful time choosing fabrics for her friend's baby boy. She put such time and love into piecing this all together.

We pray health and happiness for Haley and her baby (who is not really named Toby, by the way). His name is not yet known. That is just how Haley and her friends have nicknamed him, until they meet one another. :D

Saturday, February 19, 2011

#49/365 Rockin' the Retro ...

At least, I *think* I am. Am I?

Well, if I'm not, no need to let me know.

Let me live in bliss.

Old lady shoes are the best. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

#48/365 Weird Weather

We had two, maybe three, days of this extreme fog. Some schools delayed their start time. Some canceled school altogether.

Here is the Mental Health Institute, encased in the fog, as I came into work this morning. I love this building, but it does look a bit spooky here.

By late afternoon, most of the fog had lifted. This was the view of the MHI on my way home.

And here is the temperature as I arrive home. 64 degrees in February? Unheard of! And almost all the snow is GONE!!

I wish Spring was here to stay, but something tells me that will NOT be the case. But for now? I LOVE IT!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

#47/365 Pain at the Pump

Since I drive quite a bit for work, I am not happy with the recent price increases. Bah

I think gas should cost 29.9, because that's what it cost when I was a child. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#46/365 My WorkLife is a Cartoon

It's like the writer is inside my head, my cubicle, my hallway, my stylin' minivan. LOLOLOL

#45/365 Valentine's Dinner (Monday)

For Valentine's Day this year, we decided to forgo the gifts and cards, flowers and candy and just go out to a special dinner. But where? Hmmm ... I was up for something new. Remember this post? Well ...

I saw this advertisement for a local establishment on a FB page and was intrigued. I read the description to the hubs and he was intrigued, also. I told him I would call and get more details.

When I heard the price per person, I nearly laughed out loud. For a couple of cheapsters, I was pretty sure that this would not fly with the hubs. Surprisingly, he pointed out that we were not exchanging gifts, cards, flowers, candy, etc., so he saw no problem with the price. I was actually impressed with his logic and quickly made reservations. :)

Here is what we had, in many, many courses over 2.5 hours : 1). a single scallop--YUM 2). a hearts of romaine salad, with bacon, 3). lobster bisque 4). lime sorbet 5). entree--I had walleye and he had beef short ribs 6). cheese plate and 7). chocolates. We also had champagne and moscato!

The cheese plate. I am aware that the thing in the upper right quadrant of the plate appears to be a squid, but it was some sort of deliciously soaked-in-something pear. Delightful.

I *assumed* that we would share this, since there were two of each confection. Ooooh noooo. We each had a dessert plate of our own. I am pretty sure I ate an entire DAY'S worth of calories at dinner last night. But it was sooooo good and we were both so glad we went.

I love my husband. He is truly one of the good guys. Smart, handsome, funny, generous, handy, loving ... my cup runneth over, Lord. Thank you for the blessing of his life to share.

#44/365 We Heart Dance Team (Sunday)

Although, CollegeGirl asn't been part of the dance team for 2 years, we still love many of the girls on the team. Sunday afternoon, the dance team held their annual event called "Dance and Dessert".

Lovely girls. Lovely routines. Lovely desserts. A lovely time.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

#43/365 Voting with our Dollars

It took us an hour to get to our nearest Chik-Fil-A, but we wanted to show them some love (with our dollars and words), in light of the people protesting against them and their Christian values.

Yummm. Freshest salad I have ever had at a fast food sort of place. Delish.

#42/365 Wel, THAT can't be good ::big eyes:: (Friday)

Ignoring (please, for my pride's sake) the dust all over the dash, let's instead, focus on the fact that, as I shift outta reverse and into drive, I end up in neutral AND drive, simultaneously.

::blinkblink:: I need two kids to graduate from college, so I can replace my 225K mile, 10 year old, stylin' minivan. With the optional dual gear feature. That should bring TOP DOLLAR, don'tcha think? ::coughcough::

#41/365 What? I have a Blog? ... (Thursday)

So, CollegeGirl stopped by after work and hung out till midnight, when she decided she'd just stay over night at out place. Look at the living room; boots, papers, purse, Valentine's gifts (from me to her), all just left strewn about. Just like the old days. :D

She brought home the tulips, too. Any hint of spring we can get is precious. Spring can come anyyyytime!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

#40/365 32 Days ...

Till we are able to do this again (God willing) ...

Pray for Little Miracle Man(ny)

Remember this beautiful family? This is a family that love built. All adopted. All chosen.

Here is the link to Mama Beth's blog post, where she is asking for prayers for her Little Miracle Man(ny).

He is defying (and confounding) all the doctor's predictions about his condition and prognosis by continuing to THRIVE and gains skills!!!

But he is having some serious tummy trouble, that is also confounding his doctors. :(

Please read the blog and pray for wisdom for the doctor's, relief for Miracle Man(ny) and sleep for his Mama. Thank you!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

#39/365 Happiness in a Mug

Carmel cocoa? You bet!!


Here is the link to Kate's Caring Bridge page ...

Carefully read the first sentence on the page for the results of Kate's most recent PET scan. And then, pray.

Monday, February 7, 2011

#38/365 Dang Rodent is Smokin' Crack

What season does this look like to you?? That is my BIRDBATH out there, almost buried in the snow.

Does this look like the beginnings of an early spring?? ^^^ We'll be lucky if the deck doesn't collapse under the weight of the snow. UGH

Seriously? We can put a man on the moon, but every February we act this this guy knows something we don't know.

Punxsutawney *Pshaw*.

He is kinda cute though...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

#37/365 Super Bowl, Schmooper Bowl. Pass the corn bread

Not a big football fan. Not married to one, either (thanks be to God). hehe So, at our house, Super Bowl Sunday is about other things.

The "kids" (well, 4/8 of them) came over and the hubs put out quite a nice spread (causing my waist to do the same) ::sigh:: Chili, sloppy joes, chips and dip, corn bread, lemon cake and I'm bettin' I'm forgetting some things. lol Yummygood fun.

And the anticipation of the commercials, which I felt was lacking.

Here are my favorite 2 commercials from today's TV festival:

The VW Darth Vader commercial


The House (the TV show) commercial

How'd you spend your Super Bowl Sunday? :D

Saturday, February 5, 2011

#36/365 Birthday Part 2

I was soooo tired when I posted to the blog last night, only one picture was uploaded.

But here are two more pictures of my BirthdayGirl.

In them, she is opening her .....

She loved it.

Pray for Kate

There have been some changes in Kate's condition.

Please read about it here, on her Caring Bridge page

Or her dad, Aaron, has a blog, where he records his thoughts.

Be moved to Pray for Kate.

Friday, February 4, 2011

#35/365 Birthday Girl

CollegeGirl's friend, Hayley; CollegeGirl and Ian (another friend) at the birthday dinner last evening.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pray for Egypt

A blog I follow had some specific prayer requests in it today, from a man they know who has a ministry in Egypt.

I thought I would pass along the link, so that those who are lead may pray specifically for Egypt.

#34/365 All About Lulu (aka CollegeGirl)

What short-waisted, short statured, pregnant woman wears a turtle neck sweater and plaid pants?
Me, of course!! lol Lulu made her appearance 5 weeks later (one month early).

My brand new, fresh from God, squishy babygirl, still all scrunched up. Awwwwh.

Big blue eyes and marvelous baby chub.

In a kiddie parade, with big brother pulling the wagon.

"Put my shoes on, Mom!" :D

Baby Shades. Holllywooood. :D

My little rein'dear'.

With her Grandpa (my FIL). He loved her so. We still miss him.

With Molly, her American Girl doll.

She *begged* for a dog, so we adopted Scout.
Then, she left for college and we have Scout. Hmmmm ... how's that work? lol

My beautiful Luigi. Dancing at a UNI basketball game.

Heading to Asia (Thailand and Cambodia), with her carry-on only backpack.
Three weeks of fun with her Uncle and Aunt!

Bringing me tulips for Mother's Day. I love that kid so much it hurts.

My darling daughter, by BabyGirl, my sweetness and light is 20 years old today!!! How can this be? It all went so quickly. Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.

She has been (and will always be) one of my life's greatest surprises!! I thought, no KNEW, she was a boy, until the moment she was born and STILL had difficulty believing I had a daughter, until I saw her for myself. What JOY!!

She has been sweet, cuddly, joyful, creative, self-directed, caring, thoughtful and a blessing beyond words to us. It has been hard to 'let her go', but not for reasons that may be typical (worrying they are making mistakes, living ::ahem:: large, etc.). Nope, it has been hard to let her go, because we loved, loved, loved every minute of having her near us, under our roof, lighting up our lives with her presence.

May God richly bless you, sweetie. We trust God to lead and guide you all the days of your life.


"Call if you need anything." ;D