Tuesday, January 4, 2011

#4/365 I have no voice ... literally

The Lord works in mysterious ways, ohyesHedoes.

If you recall, I had my all day BM (big meetin') today.

I believed I have shared that I have a certain attitude toward those days. It's been called 'snark' by some. :)

But today, oh today ... I was struck dumb.

Not sick. Not ill.

Just mute.

I am sure my instructors and coworkers alike were filled with gratitude. LOLOL

Here is my new coat. TJ MAXX clearance. A result of CollegeGirl's shaming me. ::snort::


Dolores said...

Hmmmmmm.....wondering why you were mute; hoping that's a good thing.

You look so pretty... the coat is so pretty, a great color for you....good haircut too!

Coley said...

Nice new coat!! Love the color!