Saturday, January 1, 2011

#365/365 So, somehow I can't do math ...

Estes Park ~ January 2010

L'Abri Conference ~ February 2010

Pensacola Beach ~ March 2010

CollegeBoy and his wisdom teeth ~ April 2010

College Girl ~ Mother's Day ~ May 2010

10th Anniversary ~ Smoky Mountains ~ June 2010

Lactation Counselor Certification Class ~ July 2010 (I PASSED!!)

30th Class Reunion ~ July 2010

Marna and me ~ High School BFF Reunion ~ August 2010

The Hubs, CollegeBoy and CollegeGirl ~ Senior Year ~ September 2010

Great-Grandma meets Adelaide Ila ~ Franklin, TN ~ October 2010

Opera House ~ Colorado ~ November 2010

Merry Christmas from Addy and Caleb!! ~ Our Home ~ December 2010

So .... somehow, my dates got 'off' and I find myself at the end of 2010, with baaaad maaaath. HAHA For anyone who knows me IRL (in real life), this is no surprise. lol Even if I accidentally skipped a day or two here and there, there is no way I should be 'off' by 10 days. ::snort::

By participating in Project 365, I was hoping to increase the discipline in my life. To try and do something every single day, like it or not, simply because I made a commitment to do so, was a chore sometimes. Many times, I forgot to post or skipped a post and had to post the next day, or even write several posts in one day to "catch up". I was surprised that those occasions made me feel a bit "inadequate" or "flustered".

Overall, though, I am glad I did this. I am even contemplating continuing the discipline, in order to chronicle the minutiae of our lives. For my greatest discovery this year, has been that a simple photo and a few lines of text elevates my life from the mundane, to the important.

I am mentally tossing a few ideas around for building upon this Project 365 discipline. I would definitely like to add a daily devotion component to my life (and therefore, maybe this blog). Another discipline, I would love to incorporate into my life, is exercise and better diet. Not sure how to do all this, so stay tuned, as my ideas take shape.

I thank each and every one of the visitors to this blog (ESPECIALLY my faithful 'friend' and most prolific commenter, Delores). I hope you had some fun, as you read along. I look forward to maintaining friendships and making new friends through blogging.

Happy 2011!!!

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Dolores said...

I'm so glad I didn't miss seeing all these wonderful pictures! You and your family are amazing..... I'm so glad I found you!