Monday, January 3, 2011

#3/365 Monday, Monday -- it wasn't soooo bad

Outside my window... it is very dark. Though I am pleased that it is staying lighter longer.

I am thinking... that I am surprised I read my Bible readings and am blogging today. New habits. Old dogs. Mixed metaphors. lol

I am thankful for...the fact that this will be a 'short' week for me. YAY!!

From the kitchen...leftovers!!

I am wearing...shorts and a tshirt. Always hot.

I am creating...nothing.

I am bed on time, please?? No insomnia tonight ...

I am reading...the last few pages of "Mind Hunter".

I am hoping...I will not be too snarky tomorrow at the alll day meeting. HAHA

I am hearing...the TV commercial. Criminal Mind*s is on.

Around the is quiet.

One of my favorite things...Tonight? MMA and a Michelob Ultra (95 calories). Whoot!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Professional Development alll day tomorrow. Later, off to a wedding!!

This was my Christmas gift from Rachel, Caleb's mom. Isn't it great? She knows I do not like coffee, so, she opened the gift and replaced all coffee items with hot chocolate items. Yummmm.

And I laughingly told her I loved the ceramic Starbuck's travel mug, since "all the cool kids have them" and I don't. :D

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Dolores said...

Ahhhhh.... sounds like a good week to me... and a great gift
God is Good!