Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#25/365 A Word Picture

So, once again I was either a). late with a post or b). came up with a lame post.

Today (or what shoulda been yesterday), instead of a photo, I will paint for you ... a word picture.

After arriving home from work and any after work errands, I simply cannot wait to get my work clothes off and get into my exercise clothes, er ummm... jammies. LOL

Today, I was a little chilly (which never happens to me). So, instead of jammie shorts, tshirt and bare feet, I am in yoga pants, a baggy Tshirt, sweatshirt and SOCKS. I never, ever, ever wear socks.

And yes, the whole outfit is black. Not a hint of another color anywhere.

That's me ...

A Female. Homeless. Johnny Cash. Look-Alike.

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