Sunday, January 2, 2011

#2/365 Sabbath Rest

I am thinking about … going back to work, after a wonderful break. BLECH

I am rejoicing … that I got to have a break and had such lovely experiences during it.

I am thankful for … my job (even though it may not sound like it).

I am learning … to use a cool new Bible reading program on line. LOVE IT.

I am going … to write Christmas thank yous before I go to bed. I MUST. It is now or never.

I am hoping … that the wind chill nasty weather will go AWAY by tomorrow, when I have to be out and about.

I am praying … that I will come to desire discipline in my life again. It has been a long, dry, desert experience, mostly of my own making ::coughcough::.

I am reading … a Criminal Minds book, written by an FBI profiler. Fascinating.

I am hearing (from God) … first thing in the morning, last thing as I fall asleep. It is such a sacred time, between sleep and wakefulness.

I was blessed by … my husband using his new digital pressure cooker to make a delicious Sunday dinner.

I am intentional about … my new Bible reading plan. It is sort of difficult to learn to navigate the site, but I am so eager to use all the tools it affords.

I am the hands and feet of Christ … preparing to go see a dear friend's wedding in ARK. Another friend and I are driving down to be with her (she is from Brazil), so that she knows we love her muchly.

One of my favorite things … candles that smell like food (cupcakes, lattes, pumpkin spice, etc.). I am rather obsesses. I just like them burning, too. Seems symbolic to me.

Prayer focus … Flavia's wedding, Chandra's leave (safe travels), my children's spiritual walk.

We went to "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" over my school break. It was so well done that we both cried. And the hubs ain't no weenie, either. :)

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Dolores said...

It sure sounds like a good program you have going for you..... you're being very productive~

I must say, "you are the hands and feet of Christ"..... you always lift my spirits and make me smile and feel closer to Christ... Thank you Terynn!!