Saturday, January 22, 2011

#22/365 Winter Does This to Me ...

Ahhhh. Here is the reason we left our warm, comfy house ... the (pause for dramatic effect) ... MONTANA. The annual RV and Boat Show at the UNI Dome. We hadn't been for YEARS. So, there was lots of dreaming to do. :)

Well, here's why we don't own a boat ... who would drive the thing?? haha

Looks pretty comfy, huh?

A TV outside? Hey, that's cool!! And tons of storage! The hubs might let me take TWO pair of shoes along. LOL

Some photos of the (pause for dramatic effect) interior of the ... MONTANA. These things look just like a HOUSE. King sized beds. Multiple TVS. Bath and a half. Corian. Pendant lights. 10 ft ceilings. Fireplace. La-Z-Boys. Love it. Just need me a bathtub, then I will be SET. :D

Here's the Dome, full of cool toys that make me forget I am in a land of subzero temperatures. (sigh)

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