Monday, January 17, 2011

#15/365 Football Banquet

(CollegeBoy all dressed up--in his vest from Goodwill.
My outfit---from Goodwill.
Yay he *did* learn something from me!!)

Ok, now football is really, truly, reallytruly over. We had the football banquet, listened to coaches talk about our sons, watched the season highlights film and ate dessert. The seniors received poster art (cool), NCAA playoff medallions, season highlight DVDs and certificates. Awesome loot!

It was really nice to hear CollegeBoy's defensive coach talk about his strong qualities. You hope soooo much that they will shine as adults and when they do, you sort of exhale and whisper your thanks to God. Now, CollegeBoy is not perfect, but neither is his, that works well for us.

Next big event in CollegeBoy's life is ... GRADUATION!!! Then, I pray I will be able to re-nickname him "IHaveAJobBoy". lol

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Dolores said...

I love the picture and I love this post......It's so wonderful to have these moments of pride and love. You've been a good mom and raised and fine young man.