Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/365 New and Improved!!

The name of this blog is, obviously, "And Then God Said". Obviously.

But why? Why is it called that? I'm thinking a reader might not have any idea, unless they knew me in real life. And mostly, that accounts for the handful of readers I have. So, they know me and my beliefs. No explanation needed.

But, I feel the need to lay out the reason for the title of the blog, as we start a brand new year (and a brand new, colorful blog design). You see, the reason the blog is called, "And Then God Said", is because I am a Christian. And as a Christian, I believe that God speaks to His people, His children. Don't you (if you are a parent), speak to your children? Of course, you do! Whether your children are small, tweens, teens or adults, you speak to your children.

Speaking to our children comes naturally. It is close, intimate. Sometimes, there are shared vocabulary words that come between parents and children, maybe from a mispronounced (but oh-so-cute) word that is retained in the family vernacular, or a misunderstood concept (a scale is called a "pound weigher" at out house--thanks to a preschool-aged CollgeBoy) or a totally made-up word that never existed before ("flavish" is a color, according to preschool-aged CollegeGirl--a shade of purple, close to lavender). lol

There are also shared memories. Times that are good, silly, sad, stressful. Shared adversity and shared joy! Theses stories make up the family folklore. They are told over and over. They are treasured.

I believe the same is true of our relationship with God. Shared joys. Triumphs. Sorrow. Confusion. Shared remembrances that boost faith and point us to the sovereignty and goodness of the Lord. His quiet, whispered assurances. His megaphone messages. His faithful presence, that proves to us we are never truly alone. I believe time spent with the Lord, allows us to know His voice better, helps us to obey Him quicker and with less ::ummmm::: fussing. :)

So, the blog title points to my personal belief, that we can become so familiar with, excited by and in tuned to the voice of God that we can provide witness of His reality, to our family, friends and perfect strangers, by telling a story of His voice, with the phrase commonly used with friends and family: "Blah, blah, blah and blather, blather, blather ... Do you know what happened THEN? And then, God said .... ". (fill in the blank). Just like it is totally NORMAL and EXPECTED that God would TELL you something. Cuz it is.

But the "God" component has been missing from the Project 365 blog posts. That was really bugging me. I appreciated the discipline of daily blogging and photo posting, but well, things were a bit shallow, in the "God" department. So, a change is in order for 2011.

I am planning to use a format, similar to the "Simple Woman" outline. I have credited the author's blog and writing platform by linking to it, but have tweaked it a bit, to better allow me to talk about the things I want to become more intentional about this year. I think I will continue to include a photo (or two or three), as that appeals to my visual enjoyment. Make sense? Seem fair? We shall see how far I get. ...

So, welcome to the 2011 version of "And Then God Said". Please feel free to comment, as I loooove hearing from my friends. Blessings!

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Dolores said...

Never/ever would I have doubted your love for Christ.... your goodness.... It's so obvious/evident. ... I've grown to love and respect you.... and I will definitely continue reading your blog... it lifts me up!