Monday, January 31, 2011

#31/365 It's all relative ...

Potato, tomato and spinach snacks. Yummm. Not bad at all, really. 36 pieces = 136 calories (as best I recall).

Butttt, it's only "sensible portions", if you consume a "sensible portion". HAHA

Sunday, January 30, 2011

#30/365 BLOOMS

When we took Mom shopping yesterday, we were able to see her blooms (or should I say, BLOOMS!) from CollegeGirl again.

Wow. They are just gorgeous!!

Well-done, CollegeGirl. We are all enjoying Grandma's bulb garden.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

#29/365 Not a fan ...

Of AARP, that is.

But that desktop shredder?? Love it.

We Interrupt Project 365 Part Duex, to Bring You *THIS* Important Message

My friend, Ohilda, is having a giveaway on her blog. Anyone may enter, by leaving a comment and a link back to your FB page or blog.

Check out Sara's Treasure Box for a chance to win a pendant of your choice. :D

#28/365 Another Day, Another Small Twon

I have no idea if those gas pump are still operational, but the station is so cute. Reminds me of when I was a child and the gas station "attendant", would come running out at the ::dingding:: of the car's tires, crossing the wire thingie, ready to pump your gas, check your tires and oil and clean your windshield. Wow.

Another reclaimed, recycled, re-purposed, re-used bank building. I think they are so cool. :D

Thursday, January 27, 2011

#27/365 Small Towns

I love small towns. Not that I necessarily want to LIVE in one, but I love their history and the way they proudly re-use old bank buildings.

#26/365 Bloom

My MIL invited me in tonight to see the bulb garden that CollegeGirl gave her for her (recent) birthday. The hyacinths smelled heavenly and all the blooms look so beautiful to this winter weary gal's eyes.

How many days till Spring??

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#25/365 A Word Picture

So, once again I was either a). late with a post or b). came up with a lame post.

Today (or what shoulda been yesterday), instead of a photo, I will paint for you ... a word picture.

After arriving home from work and any after work errands, I simply cannot wait to get my work clothes off and get into my exercise clothes, er ummm... jammies. LOL

Today, I was a little chilly (which never happens to me). So, instead of jammie shorts, tshirt and bare feet, I am in yoga pants, a baggy Tshirt, sweatshirt and SOCKS. I never, ever, ever wear socks.

And yes, the whole outfit is black. Not a hint of another color anywhere.

That's me ...

A Female. Homeless. Johnny Cash. Look-Alike.

Monday, January 24, 2011

#24/365 Lazy Blogger ...Poor Photographer

I am really enjoying this color on my monkey toes (don't know exactly why--just different, I guess).

I definitely should have re-taken the photo, since this is such poor quality, but ... as you can see, I just posted it.

I will be back again tomorrow, with additional yawn-worthy documentation of the minutiae of my day.

Hope to see you here. lol

Sunday, January 23, 2011

#23/365 Sunday Musings (caution: fluffy, superficial thoughts)

Outside my window... Sunshine!! And snow. And bitter cold.

I am thinking... I love weekends.

I am thankful for... our nation's heritage.

From the kitchen... velveeta cheese dip (football food)

I am wearing... yoga pants, Tshirt and fuzzy socks.

I am creating... nothing, really. As usual.

I am going... to make some lists.

I am reading... the local Sunday paper.

I am hoping... to feel more passion/alive-ness

I am hearing... SVU on TV.

Around the house... boy, do I need to vacuum!!

One of my favorite things... lazy Sundays.

A few plans for the rest of the week: as far as I can recall, nothing on the calendar but work, work, work.

Here is picture I am sharing...

Recently seen at a new vet's/groomer's office ...

Now, that's customer service! bwahahaha

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel

And for your viewing pleasure, here is Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel, to delight and entertain. Twiggy was present at today's RV show, but we missed the show. Booooo.

#22/365 Winter Does This to Me ...

Ahhhh. Here is the reason we left our warm, comfy house ... the (pause for dramatic effect) ... MONTANA. The annual RV and Boat Show at the UNI Dome. We hadn't been for YEARS. So, there was lots of dreaming to do. :)

Well, here's why we don't own a boat ... who would drive the thing?? haha

Looks pretty comfy, huh?

A TV outside? Hey, that's cool!! And tons of storage! The hubs might let me take TWO pair of shoes along. LOL

Some photos of the (pause for dramatic effect) interior of the ... MONTANA. These things look just like a HOUSE. King sized beds. Multiple TVS. Bath and a half. Corian. Pendant lights. 10 ft ceilings. Fireplace. La-Z-Boys. Love it. Just need me a bathtub, then I will be SET. :D

Here's the Dome, full of cool toys that make me forget I am in a land of subzero temperatures. (sigh)

#21/365 Unpaid (but nevertheless enthusiastic) Product Endorsement

Oh MY!!! Better than chips, I tell ya.

All the crunch and salt and none ... ok, *less* of the guilt.

#20/365 Memories

I told CollegeBoy all I wanted for Christmas were some photos of the fun he, Mindy, my brother and sis-in-law had on their trip to NYC this past summer.

Aren't these great!!

Artsy shot of my Bro through an aquarium, taken by CollegeBoy.

This one cracks me up. When I made my request to CollegeBoy, I told him I wanted a photo of he and Mindy and "everyone" in NYC.

Soooo, he photoshopped us all in. HAHA

(you may click on all photos above to make them larger)

#19/365 God's Been Showin' Off Lately

This awesome full moon was greeting me in the pre-dawn hours, through my bathroom window. It looked better in person. lol

Sundog #1.

The sun and Sundog #2.

I don' have a panoramic shot (remember, I only have a purse cam), but trust, me, it was SPECTAULAR.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

#18/365 Art Work

CollegeGirl stopped by last night to do some homework, which included an art project for an intro into design class.

She asked if we had colored pencils and then seemed surprised when we told her that we pretty much got rid of all our art supplies when they left elementary school. (chuckles)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

#17/365 Another BM?

(some lame-ish thing we had to do during our last BM)

Awh, man. Didn't I just have one??

BM = Big Meetin'.

And I gots another one tomorrow.

Thankfully, it is only half a day long. (snicker)

#16/365 The Local Mouse Place

We capped off the birthday boy's weekend with a trip to Chuck E Cheese. It was fairly quiet (all things considered), since it was a Sunday night and there was a snow storm on the way.

I held down the booth, while Mom, BirthdayBoy and Crumpa played. Not a bad deal, huh? :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

#15/365 Football Banquet

(CollegeBoy all dressed up--in his vest from Goodwill.
My outfit---from Goodwill.
Yay he *did* learn something from me!!)

Ok, now football is really, truly, reallytruly over. We had the football banquet, listened to coaches talk about our sons, watched the season highlights film and ate dessert. The seniors received poster art (cool), NCAA playoff medallions, season highlight DVDs and certificates. Awesome loot!

It was really nice to hear CollegeBoy's defensive coach talk about his strong qualities. You hope soooo much that they will shine as adults and when they do, you sort of exhale and whisper your thanks to God. Now, CollegeBoy is not perfect, but neither is his, that works well for us.

Next big event in CollegeBoy's life is ... GRADUATION!!! Then, I pray I will be able to re-nickname him "IHaveAJobBoy". lol

Sunday, January 16, 2011

#14/365 Caleb is 7!!

So, as I was getting ready for the birthday shindig for Caleb and Great Grandma, the hubs asks, "Do we still have the stand mixer?". I tell him no, we gave it to one of the kids. "How about the hand mixer?", he asks. I come to assist in the search, but we come up empty handed. I go back to getting myself ready. When I come out, this is what I see ... ^^^.

Ahhhhh. my MacGuyver. I love him.

Lighting the candles. Seven years old. Wow.

Looking happy and a bit shy. As he blew out his candles, he blurted out something about "obnoxious Grandma". Kid you not. haha

Here, Caleb is playing with CollegeBoy, doing pull ups in the kitchen.

When CollegeBoy and Mindy arrived to the birthday party, Caleb loudly yelled, "Yay!! You're here!!", then he leaned into his Crumpa and whispered, "Who is him?". LOL To be fair, he generally sees CB at his football games, in his uniform, thus the confusion.

Next, he loudly chastised them by announcing, "You're late!!". Out of the mouth's of babes....

Happy Birthday, Caleb and Great Grandma (they share a birthday). I hope you both have a great new year of life.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Outside my window... there is bitter cold and no sun (again)

I am thinking...I am expecting a crowd today to celebrate Great Grandma's birthday and Caleb's, too!

I am thankful for...antibiotics. No, really. I was sick for over a week, before scoring these treasures.

From the learning rooms...I am actually AHEAD on my Bible reading program.

From the kitchen...we will be serving a taco bar, cornbread casserole and Great Grandma's lemon cake.

I am wearing...jammies (shorts and a Tshirt)

I am creating...a clean home for my guests. haha

I am going...crazy, wanna come?? lol Couldn't resist... :D

I am reading...nothing but the Bible (well and blogs and FB)

I am lose 10+ pounds.

I am hearing...Scout's jing-tingley dog tags.

Around the house...I note a few odd Christmas presents that still need delivering.

One of my favorite Mac. I am embarrassed by how much I LOOOVE it.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I get Monday OFF!!! Whoo-hoo!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... (Camera battery currently dead. Will share laterrrrr)

#13/365 Explanation (Friday)

Twice daily for 3 weeks.

That surely 'splains the lack of inspired posting, eh?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

#12/365 Bargain Boots

My size. The price was right.

Now they have a new home.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

#11/365 Signs of the Times

Scary, scary changes ahead.

Monday, January 10, 2011

#10/365 Trashy Talk

Long lines at grocery stores have their perks. HAHA

Sunday, January 9, 2011

#9/365 Well, THERE'S where that new 3.5 pounds came from ...

The most delicious carrot cake, evah (except for our wedding). Deeelicious.

Now, the pounds MUST come back off. MUST.

#8/365 WEDDING DAY!!

My friend, Kathy and I met our Brazilian friend, Flavia when Kathy and my daughters were 3. We met through a mutual friend and has been friends ever since (our girls are now sophomores in college, so it has REALLY been awhile).

Flavia moved back to Brazil and extracted a promise from us before she left: We promised Flavia we would come to see her in Brazil, after our daughters were grown and gone. And then ... ?

Flavia got engaged to a man (Stephen) she knew back in college, 20 years ago. And when she invited Kathy and I to the wedding in Little Rock, we were excited to say, "yes!".

Here are some photos of their special day:

Flavia, her sister and brother-in-law and Mother. Stephen, his sisters and their children, his mother and his twin boys. A big, happy family.

This was in the original temple (I believe). My favorite part is that you can tell people touch it a lot.


Wine bottles are so pretty.

The beautiful cake was a different flavor for each tier.

Mr. and Mrs. Husband and wife.

Magnus, Maria Lucia, Flavia and her beautiful Mother. What a happy day!!