Saturday, December 18, 2010

#345/365 Red Cross Reflections

The hubs and I went to donate blood today and because of that we both had to recount our Asian travels one year ago (since we both went to place that the Red Cross has on their 'no-no' list, we had to wait one year before donating).

All that recouningt of cities and countries, made me remember the fun and this moment ^^^ was a grand one. The two women with me (and their three darling little girlies) are women I had never met (in real life) prior to this trip, but whom were already dear, dear friends. And the fun we had, traveling in the country of their daughter's births, sealed the deal.

We are sisters of the heart, sister in Christ and friends for ever. <3

Beth and Val, you are two of the BEST!!

(PS Beth is Manny's (and Zoe's ^^^) mom--see video below and sidebar button and Val is the friend who invited me along to help her with her two daughters).

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Dolores said...

Oh my.... how sweet! You know this touches my heart deeply, with Karen (our daughter) having 5 adopted children from China. I was lucky enough to travel once on that magnificent journey to China, and bring a very special child home... in her forever home.
God bless you!