Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#335/365 Uninteneded Consequences

Last week, when the hubs and I were still on vacation out West, we happened upon a cute store in the town of Nederland, called "Off Her Rocker". Lots of cute and unique things. But the thing I noted first (other than the electric exterior paint colors) was the aroma in the store.

It reminded me of the scent of my friend (and massage therapist's) studio. Ahhhhhh.

I sniffed each candle's scent (since the young lady working there did not know which one was being burned) and chose one called, "Meditation". After arriving home and unpacking, I decided to get out the candle and try it out.

Now, buying candles for me (or any fragrance product) is tricky because many of them give me a headache. I don't buy/wear perfume for that reason. Usually, in candles, I stick to food scents. heh

And it seems I maybe shouldn't have taken the risk, because after an hour or so of the candle releasing its fragrance in our home, I had a big ole raging headache.

Which, did cause me to meditate a bit (as in, is this headache from the candle? what else could it be? should I take allergy medicine? Or just headache meds? Hmmmm....).

Oh well. I'm sure I know someone who might like a candle ...

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Dolores said...

I love candles, but there's a particular fragrance or smell that I can't stand.... not sure what it is, but there's a store in town that uses this particular smell.... UGH!