Saturday, December 4, 2010

#331/365 Once a Dance Team Parent ... (Friday)

On the way home from Colorado, we stopped in Des Moines for the State Dance Competition. It has been two years, since our CollegeGirl competed, but we still know and love many of the girls and their Coach.

Ready for their pom routine. Go West High!!

CollegeGirl and her former teammate, in the stands, cheering the girls on.

CollegeGirl and her former teammate had special passes to offer behind the scene help and support to the dancers and their Coach.

Here, they look like they had just gotten some bad news, because they had. At that point, they had just been told they would lose a whopping 10 points because two girls removed their zip hoodies, as they walked off the stage. That is apparently not allowed, without 'prior approval'. Hmmmm...

In the end (after the girls had had a time!! of crying and wailing), the Coach appealed to the judges and the points were restored. Phew.

Happily, the West High Dancers received 3 Division I ratings (one for each routine) and received the Community Service award.

Great job, ladies!! We are proud of you!!!

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