Wednesday, December 1, 2010

#329/365 Well, ya don't say??

So, the hubs and I were enjoying the last day of our get away and we were in a shop I loooove, but try hard not to spend any money in. haha

As we browsed the fine, trendy pretties, I noticed two VERY attractive and smartly dressed people, who made a lovely couple. I assumed they were wealthy 'kids' from the nearby metro area and dismissed them. The young woman, however, kept trying to catch my eye and finally asked, "Did you used to live in ________?"

I looked at her pretty face, really studying, straining to put her face to a name from the past. I couldn't quite do it and she had to supply her name.

As SOON as she said, it I *recognized* her as a childhood playmate and schoolmate of my children's. Her mother and I were friends!! And it was SOOO good to see her!! I practically (ok, I *did*) grabbed her and pulled her into a laughing hug. I think I might have even done it twice. lol The two menfolk stood by, smiling and amused.

It turns our she and her brand new HUSBAND were on their honeymoon (which is odd, because the hubs and I honeymooned here 10 years ago). Her husband was darling and hails from New Zealand. Oh my!!

Here is a photo of the happy couple, who were kind enough to let me snap a photo of them. Sorry for the blur and all, but I dropped my camera the day before, I didn't change the camera settings and lastly, I was all giddy and unable to do well.

All grown up and married. ::gasp::

It lets me know that our turn for this is not too far off. Mark (and thus I) has/have two sons already married, but my two are only 22 and 19 and I hope they wait awhile for this day.

Although, they look pretty happy, don't they? (happy sigh)

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Dolores said...

A very handsome couple.....and how sweet to make an old connection. You must not have aged or she wouldn't have recognized you....good deal!