Wednesday, December 1, 2010

#328/365 Ghost Towns, Mining Towns **UPDATED with captions

Train in Black Hawk. Cool. They are so BIG.

This is a casino, one of *dozens* in the town of Central City (and Black Hawk). Unbelievable.

The ghost town of Nevadaville.

Beauty. The drive along the Peak to Peak Highway was spectacular.

The Opera House in Central City. I looove it.

Architectural details. So ornate.

In a git shop in Nederville. Man, he makes me laugh.

Scarrry. In the town of Ward. This was in a window of the former hotel. Not. Welcoming.

Mine remnants.

Windswept cemetery high above the town of Central City. Gorgeous light.

The hubs is soooo long-suffering with my wacky interests.
It was so cold and he stood guard while I looked at markers, took photos, etc.

I bought a few things here (in Nederville). How could I resist? Look at the name of the store! LOL

We had a great, beautiful, fun day.

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Dolores said...

This looks like such a fun, adventurous, and beautiful trip!! Love the Opera House....