Tuesday, November 23, 2010

#323/365 Welcome Center (Tuesday)

On the theory that if you display it attractively, it will look more inviting and thus is more likely to be consumed, here are my new baskets (Wallyworld clearance, $1.00 each), filled with fruit and Emergen-C, all manner of granola bars, soy joy bars, etc., with my sugar-free chai tea nearby.

I am a shallow dork.

But it works for me.

And kinda makes me happy, too.


The Greens said...

I LOVE that concept! I need to do it more. It's amazing how fast the fruit and healthy snacks go if I have them "displayed." I haven't done that for awhile-- so thanks for the reminder. I don't think you're shallow at all-- if you are, then so am I. (:

Jill said...

OH NO! I think it is a great concept and I think it will most certainly WORK!

VERY nice looking display you have there!

Dolores said...

I love the containers.......I have our fruit in a basket on the counter, and it does help to have it in sight, to make us eat the good stuff.