Friday, November 12, 2010

#309/365 The Catch Up Begins... (Tuesday)

This is a carpet burn on my white, wrinkly knee. If you can get past the image, forever burned into your retina, I will tell you how my week went downhill from there...

After sitting for 15+ hours on Saturday (travel to CollegeBoy's game, sitting on the bleachers, watching 5+ hours of dance solos on different bleachers, travel home), my fibro was TICKED OFF. I was in pain (to be expected), but I was also experiencing a startling ringing in my ears. Loud. Constant. Dizzying. Disorienting.

By the time I headed to bed that night (after a 5 hour mid-day nap), I was light-headed and just felt weird. Until I got to the side of my bed, where I just felt ... the enveloping blackness of a dead faint. I came to, in bed, and had to try to explain to my husband (who had heard the thump from the basement) what had happened. ::ahem::

Monday. To the doc. Blood work. Stayed home. Ears ringing. Dizzy. Weak.

Tuesday. Still not well. Blood work normal. "Must be a virus".

Wednesday. No longer have the ear ringing, dizzy thing going on. Now, I realize I am plain, old-fashioned sick. ugh

Thursday. Yay me!! I went to work. All day. Just like a big girl. :)

Friday. I had a day off. Massage. Slept. Took it easy.

Tomorrow will find me back in the car for a 2.5 hour drive to sit and watch CollegeBoy play his last regular season game of his college career. Then, 2.5 hours home.

Hopefully, I will not crash and burn like I did this week.

Prayers shamelessly solicited.

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