Thursday, November 11, 2010

#308/365 Behind ... (Monday)

Been sick. For four days.

First day back at work was today.

Oh my.

Weak. Behind in my posts.


Joy will cometh in the morning, though, right?



The Greens said...

I am SO so sorry you've been sick! I read your facebook account of the Mayo episode. Ugh. Reminded me of a visit I had at Shriner's with Xander. I think I felt EXACTLY like you did as they were questioning me. I was a bit shocked, a bit angry, a bit disillusioned, and feeling a lot stupid. I cried on the way home.

ANYWAY... want to come to China with me?!! Getting two new girlies, we could surely use another hand. Especially since Sophi doesn't have any. Ha, ha.

Christianne (:

Dolores said...

I was wondering and worried about you. So sorry you've been sick! I hope your better soon!
Big get well hugs from Texas