Sunday, November 7, 2010

#307/365 Sunday Yum-day

Located on I-80, near the Kellogg/Killduff exit. Locally known as "Kellduff", according to the owner of the burger joint. After years of passing this on the interstate, we decided to stop to eat lunch on the way to the football game.

And you know? It really was a DANG GOOD burger. So much so, that the hubs bought the T-shirt. HA


Located in Pella (home of the Central College Dutch), the Jaarsma bakery is a favorite of ours.

This type of quaint and charming Dutch architecture is all around the town square. That is the hubs, outside, with our treats in the bag.

Several cases of home baked goodness. Rows and Rows of Heavenly Home-Baked Goodness. *sigh*

Our box of treats. We bought cherry doughnut holes (which doubled as supper for the long ride home) and "goat legs"; chocolate tipped, flaky pastry shaped like a thick ole goat leg. lol

These are called "Dutch Letters". They are shaped like an "S". They are flaky and filled with almond paste.

And they are very good on a Sunday morning.


Suzanne said...

jaarsma is Chris' FAVORITE place I think on earth! One of his former co workers recently shipped us a bunch of stuff from there...including the dutch letters....yum, yum, yum!

Dolores said...

I love food!!! Never heard of this place, but the food looks and sounds wonderful..... I'll take some.