Sunday, November 7, 2010

#306/365 Mama 'bout had a heart attack UPDATED with video clip

UPDATE: Click here to see a *short* clip of highlights from the game. If you wait til the end, you will see CollegeBoy carrying out the trophy with a teammate AND you will hear me, "Whooo-hooooo-ing!!" Good times.

Oh my!

The Wartburg Knights (#13) versus the Central Dutch (#17) was a heart stopper for this Mama. I thought I might not make it through the game. It was THAT intense (for me anyway). Today, I am sore and hoarse.

It was the first game of the season, in which we trailed in the score (I think). And the Dutch were TOUGH. They played really well.

But, in the end, the Knights prevailed and remain UNDEFEATED; a perfect 9-0 season (although, there is still one more game, the outcome will not affect the conference standings).

Which means, the Knights are going to the playoffs as CONFERENCE CHAMPS!!!

Warm boots, but the weather was really pretty nice for November.

A happy, excited moment!!!

The hubs and CollegeBoy. The hubs has been to almost every game since the boy started playing T-ball at age 5. What a guy. :)

The seniors.
CollegeBoy with the conference trophy.

CollegeBoy and his roommates.

So proud of that boy.

The final score. Phewwwwww.

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Dolores said...

Oh boy, and you have every right to be so proud and excited over these wonderful games!!!!!!

These are such great pictures of everyone!!!!!

I'm going to miss seeing CollegeBoy playing football..... he's so good looking and such a good player.... what's next?..... I know it will be exciting!!!!

Big hugs to you my dear friend!