Friday, November 5, 2010

#304/365 Where's My Phone? A true story about aging and technology

So, the hubs and I were out running an errand together one morning. After we picked up what we had been out to get, the hubs begins to look for his cell phone, as I drive us home.

He can't locate it in all the usual places (cup holder, pockets, etc.), so he asks me "Hey, call my phone will you?". So, of course, I do.

We hear his phone begin to ring and the frantic search begins, in earnest, before it stops ringing. The hubs is searching between seats, on the floor mats, in between the door and the seat, etc., as the phone rings and then, stops.

"Nothing?", I say. "No", he says, exasperated. "Call it again, will you?". "Sure", I reply. And the party begins again.

After not finding it before the ringing stops, I pull the car over to help. I am laughing. He is, too, sort of. HA

As he leaps from the car, patting himself down frantically, top to bottom, I offer, "The ringing just got softer, when you got out of the car. It has to be ON you!".

"Where?", he says, loudly. I am really laughing now.

"I don't know", I say, "but it definitely got softer, when you got out". "

Call it again", he asks. And we begin again.

I am patting his coat down, looking in the car, in places we have already searched, adding the glove box and under seat storage box to the places searched, as the phone rings again. Over and over. He is outside the car, patting himself down, over and over and man, we are LOSING it. Laughing, frustrated all at once.

Any guesses WHERE the elusive phone was ringing from?

(scroll down to find out)

HAHAHAHA Who puts their cell phone in their SOCK and then FORGETS about it???

Well, let me tell you how. The hubs is nursing a sore knee from a tennis injury. Apparently, his knee felt better in the tight places within my car, whilst crossed over his other.

And then, I *guess*, the thought was, "Well, look at that really niftykeen storage place for my phone".

Or something like that.

Us old people are probably not even supposed to have cell phones.

And we probably shouldn't be out running errands, all unsupervised and stuff, either. LOL


Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing this great story, T. You made me laugh and I am still smiling..... I love that you and Mark laugh together. I love that you go out and do errands together. I love that I'm not the only one who 'misplaces' things that are on my person. : )

Dolores said...

Oh, this gave me the best laugh! I could see and feel those feelings of trying to find it before it stops ringing. Been there done that, however.... the phone in the sock is a new one to me.
Such a cute post!!!

Tracy said...

I was laughing so hard at one point just seeing you guys going through the motions...almost peed my pants.
I will come back tomorrow and read again for another chuckle :)

Connie said...

Love it, love it, love it. Thank you for sharing. Had a wonderful laugh and am still smiling. Love you!