Tuesday, October 26, 2010

#298/365 Vintage Humor

This is a real, true photo of one my my husband's family vacation Top Ten Moments (not).

It makes me laugh every time I see it, which is why it is next to my desk at work. :)

Let's identify the players (l-r; top to bottom) Lee (BIL), Virginia (MIL), Aunt Grace, Aunt Mildred and the hubs (looking angry, hot and sullen--about age 12).

It seems that while driving across the desert, in the heat of summer, the family decided to stop for a picnic. At some time, it was discovered Lee had ::gasp:: locked the keys in the car.

(pauses--insert crickets)


I love the look on my husband's pre-teen face, my BIL's cheesy grin and his pure 1950's attire, the ladies' dresses and hats, the rocky soil, the thermos bottles. Love, love, love.

Mostly, I probably love that I wasn't there. I do not suffer heat well.

Or foolish kids locking keys in cars in the desert.



eureka1951 said...

Great post T. Love the hats. Thanks for a morning chuckle!

Dolores said...

That is hilarious! I'm with you, glad I wasn't there.
Hard to imagine the dress attire for the women.....I'll take pants and a t shirt....
Can you imagine being the one to lock the keys in the car........