Sunday, October 24, 2010

#296/365 Trailblazer

Truly, the best 109 minutes I have spent in front of a screen in a long time. Claire Danes was AMAZING as Temple Grandin, the 'voice' of autism for many in the autism community.

Temple Grandin has a one-of-a-kind brain, like so many people with autism. She is quirky, loud, awkward, brilliant and HUMAN. She had a mom who never gave up.

She reminds me of my little people and their families. The joy and heartaches. The pain and triumphs. Definitely worth 109 minutes.

I would suggest doing a bit of before the show researching, as the whole idea of this movie (autism, the spectrum, the history and Temple's unique skill set), might not make as much sense as it might, if you were not prepared.

Celebrating ALL people, of all ability levels, is such a privilege.

All people have dignity and worth.

I hope I never overlook that fact.

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Dolores said...

I'll pass this on to my nephew and his wife...who have a young son with autism...... Thanks!!!