Tuesday, October 19, 2010

#291/365 Victorian Farmhouse Dreaming

This is a house not too far outside the town I live in. I have known of it for almost 30 years. When it was first renovated, it was so lovely. Now, it is a bit less well-cared-for, but still lovely, don't you think?

I used to dream about living here. Sitting on the porch. Having big farm dogs. Walking the creaky floors. Decorating it for the holidays.

These days, I am a bit more pragmatic and less romantic. I realize the upkeep would be major. The lawn care duties overwhelming. And I have no more kids at home to tuck into beds, fix breakfast for, carve pumpkins with.

I find it interesting how my dreams have changed over time. And it's sort of sad. Is this merely an outcome of growing, up? Maturity? Losing my 'shiney"?

Regardless, it is still a lovely home. And I have other dreams which have survived.

And new ones to discover.


Ohilda said...

I love your dream home!! And no, I think it's just part of life that your priorities change. In a way, I'm sure glad they do. The thought of going out dancing and leaving the house to start the night at 10 pm is CRAZY. LOL!! I'm already in pjs at 8. :)

Love ya!

Dolores said...

It IS a very lovely old home, but you're so right about all the upkeep and expense.
Sometimes it's just fun to dream....