Saturday, October 16, 2010

#287/365 Celebrating CollegeBoy

Last night, the hubs and I finally were able to take CollegeBoy out for his birthday dinner. He picked the place, based upon where he thought he might have the most pasta options (apparently, the dinner of choice for athletes the night before a big game).

As it turned out, there was only ONE pasta entree on the menu (how odd) and it was a vegetarian offering. Being concerned about the portion size (likely too small), we finally figured out CollegeBoy's meal time game plan; he ordered TWO pasta entrees and had them add a chicken breast to each dish. ::ahem::

The waiter really tried to warn him it would be too much food, but he doesn't know CollegeBoy the way we do. haha When he brought the food to the table, he shared that he and the kitchen staff had made a bet about whether or not CollegeBoy would be able to eat all his food. LOL

Oh. Forgot to add he had the endless salad and ordered a half dozen whole wheat rolls. With butter. Of course.

CollegeBoy ate every bite! He did take three rolls home with him, but the waiter said he won the bet, as he had decided that Jared would be able to eat it all (the kitchen staff lost).

We spent over two hours, just the three of us, talking and laughing and trading stories, thoughts and opinions. We had a great time!

It is so interesting to have adult children.

To see who they have become and are becoming, is such a curious process. I love it.


Dolores said...

I love this picture!!!! Hmmmmm, my tummy is almost hurting.... thinking of all the food that was consumed..., but it sure does sound good...
I can't believe ... only one pasta to choose from..... oh well... sounds like he did well!
It sounds like a wonderful evening.... can't beat spending time with our children..... whatever their age...
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

whre did you go that the only pasta dish was vegetarian? I thought the plan was olive garden???