Saturday, October 9, 2010

#281/365 A "Cup Runneth Over" Sort of Day

We went to the orchard today. Gloriously, unusually warm. 90 degrees!! For the first time in my years visiting the orchard, I wore SHORTS!!

Autumn color was moderate, yet perfect. The drive was wonderful. There were TONS of motorcycles out; Harleys, Gold Wings and lots of three wheelers. Fun, picturesque, river towns (on the Mississippi) and rolling hills.

The orchard was PACKED. Traffic Jam City (in a town of 200). We entered the morton building, grabbed a cart and begin the annual ritual of jockeying for position, grabbing, dodging, weaving, until our cart was filled with our autumn treasures.

A whole lotta dollars later (::gulp::), we were on our way (the long, lazy, "what should we do next?", sorta way home). We changed courses a few times, using my crackberry to guide us to a new place to eat, in a quaint location.

We found a great place in McGregor, where the hubs had the "best burger " he's ever had and I had a nice Thai salad. We walked the town a teeny bit (the hubs has a sore knee and I have a sore calf), took some photos and as the sun began to lower in the sky, we headed home for real.

We did make one more quick stop to look at a motor home.
It was a H U G E beast of a thing. As we walked the perimeter and assessed its features, I tried the door (just for fun) and Oh Em Gee!! It opened. Giggling like teens, we quickly entered and looked around, expecting the local constabulary to show up any moment. Thankfully, they did not and we got a nice tour of the interior.

After arriving home, we unloaded all the goodies and shared a donut with the dog. And as I uploaded the photos, I realized I had had one of those "my cup runneth over and splashes over onto random bystanders".

And I was deeply grateful and content. My love language is definitely "quality time". And the hubs and I shared that today.

Happy Memories.

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Dolores said...

Ahhhhhh, what glorious pictures and times together. Enjoy every moment you have together...... go and do ...... you never know when it might end.
I'm sooooo happy for you..... you're such a sweet and loving person, you deserve...... MUCH HAPPINESS!