Friday, October 8, 2010

#280/365 Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Are you familiar with this organization? I love it.

Voice of the Martyrs is a group that ministers to the persecuted church and helps its readers to understand how to help brothers and sisters in Christ who are imprisoned, persecuted and hated.

My most memorable Christmas gift last year was from my dear friend, Kathy. She donated an amount to VOM that allowed supplies to be purchased for the spiritual education of a local, persecuted pastor and his village.

I was so thrilled with the gift that I went on line and purchased ANOTHER kit. :D

Cool, huh? Be sure to check them out, as we enter into the Christmas season. You may just find yourself inspired to help the persecuted church.

(smile) You were warned.


Dolores said...

Thanks for sharing this, I'll check it out for sure. Most of us have more than we need......sharing during Christmas is a real gift to those we don't know, but are God's children.

Beth Gore said...

No matter how low our funds get, we always make room for this organization. We even had a representative come to speak to our church. I don't think American Christians can begin to comprehend the gift we have of religious freedom and we squander it.

Happy to know "my" money goes to getting the Word into the hands of those willing to die to get it there and who might die just by having it ... and still think it's worth it!