Sunday, October 3, 2010

#275 Hi, Honey! I'm Hooome!!

We had the fun of taking Mark's mom to Tennessee to meet her new great-grand-daughter, Addy. We were proud of her for wanting to go and for trusting us to take care of her. She is 84 and hasn't taken a trip for a few years. She did great. It was just a quick trip down and back; 4 days total, 2 days traveling and 2 days visiting.

The 21 pillow salute that greeted us in our hotel suite. ^^^^

My friend, Kris, made this darling hat for little Miss Adelaide Ila. Adorable, no? Such a sweet little girl, who is much-loved.

My friend, Suzanne, now relocated to Nashville (in green top), her Mama (right front) and their friend, Trish and I shared a wonderful Girl's Night Out in Nashville.

Don't you dare feel bad for Suzanne since I posted this picture of her. She was TRYING to do this (unbeknownst to me). hahaha

Hmmm...A an evening with great women at a fine restaurant, wearing a new Goodwill ensemble. Doesn't get much better than that.

I did not post to my FB wall from Wednesday to Sunday. Truth. I did not even have internet. I need a medal.

Nashville. Cashville. In the rear view mirror.

Random Metropolis, Illinois humor. Touristy frap. Love it.


eureka1951 said...

You have been missed! You will be rewarded for spending 4 days with the MIL!!!

Dolores said...

Great pictures, sure looks like you all had a memorable/fun time! The baby is adorable...
Did you check for bed bugs in all those lovely pillows....tee/hee!