Sunday, September 26, 2010

#269/365 How My Prince and Dragon Slayer Helps Me Cheer My Knight

Well, here we were (yesterday). Sitting in the rain (again), watching CollegeBoy's football game. I made that Boy a promise this year, that I would try to be at every. single. game., since he is a senior. Whether I had to drive 3 hours, one way (game 2) or sit in the rain (games 3 and 4), I would be there to cheer him on.

Here is my treat bag. Lets' see...Red Bull, water, Twizzlers, Hot Tamales, Special K bars, color coordinated team color scarf, crackberry, gloves, ear muffs, camera, etc., etc.

Love me some boots on a rainy day. My feet and legs have NO IDEA that my jeans are wet up to my calves. Brilliant.

My Little Nest, which includes the Queenie Throne (with back support, arm rests and many pockets). There is also the matching blanket. :D My Prince helps me cart it all in and sets it all up.

My husband's Spartan digs; one canoe pad, water and binoculars. Does this make me high maintenance?

During the second half, my Prince of a hubs spies trouble on the field. "Uh-oh. CollegeBoy got hurt", he says. "What?", says the panicked mother, who may or may NOT have been checking her Facebook on her crackberry. ::coughcough::

Next thing we know, CollegeBoy had hobbled to the bench and appeared to be stretching his leg? Muscle cramp? It *was* cold and wet. Knee injury? Man, I hope not.

Minutes later, the trainer had an ice bag, wrapped and taped to CollegeBoy's upper thigh. Hmmmm...

CollegeBoy did not finish out the game, but none of the starters did. As you can tell my the score, the Knights had a very good day on the field.

After the game, we spoke with CollegeBoy, just like we always do. He reported that it was his hamstring that sort of "popped". This was a previous injury he dealt with, so we are hopeful he will be OK.

Thankfully, CollegeBoy does not have a game this next weekend, so he has two weeks to rest and heal up.

And my Prince and Dragon Slayer of a husband will make sure that no matter the weather or distance, we will be there, in comfort and style to cheer on our Knight. Thanks, Honey. You are my Prince.

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Dolores said...

This is the cutest post and pictures. You're a very good mother to support your son in the rain. I can't believe it's cool enough there for gloves and ear muffs. I'm wearing shorts....but of course this is south Texas.

Your snacks sound yummy and your nest looks comfy....Your Prince is so sweet...

Hope CollegeBoy's leg heals this week