Monday, September 20, 2010

#263/365 Lovin' on the Locals (not the lo-*cals*)

These are some goodies from a new, local bakery, called "Scratch". Sometimes, I think that sounds like a perfect name for a bakery and sometimes, I think it sounds like a rash. teehee

These are turtle cupcakes; two white, two chocolate. One box of sweet goodness was sent home with CollegeGirl (for her and her roomies to share) and one was for us. After CollegeGirl ate her pumpkin cupcake, I believe she texted me that it had "changed her life". In our family, we are nothing, if not dramatic. lol

Em and Jerry's is an shop (ummm, I guess that is pretty self-evident, huh?). Never mind.
*But*, I had hot cocoa!!
Ha I am unpredictable, eh? (just indulge me, please) :)

These are a couple of local businesses in the area where I live and work.

It is no stinking WONDER I am not losing weight.

It's as though the very economy rests upon my thin shoulders (and expanding waistline). HAHA


Dolores said...

Yummmy.......the cupcakes look delicious! What is it with cupcakes all of a sudden.....seems like there a cupcake shops popping up all over.... cute...

I love your daughter's remark!

eureka1951 said...

Where is Em and Jerri's?